Packaging Services

No matter how small or large a shipment is, no matter where you are located and where you need to ship your package or freight to, we at Freight Shipping Company are here to help you getting it done. We know that different kinds of shipments require different kind of packaging and handling. Here at Freight Shipping Company we are well equipped and happy to assist with your specific shipping needs. We offer a wide variety of packaging services, can advise you of the packaging method most suitable to your kind of cargo and transportation need, and can get it packaged for you.


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Depending on your unique situation, your cargo may need to be packaged in one of the following ways we offer:


Unpackaged Pick Ups

Freight Shipping Company offers pick-up of your unpackaged goods. We recommend that you wrap your goods in bubble wrap or paper to help protect them from damage in transit to the packaging location. If your item is heavy or oversized you might want to request an extra man for the pickup or help the driver load the item if needed. Please let us know ahead of time, where the item is located, and if there are any special requirements to gain access.


Palletize and Shrink-Wrap

We offer palletizing and shrink-wrapping for already professionally packaged items, cartons or items that don’t need any special packaging. We build customized pallets for freight that does not fit the standard pallet, and band and shrink wrap your cargo to it.

Custom Packaging

We carefully bubble wrap unpackaged items, then we shrink wrap them and insert them into a customized double corrugated carton. The carton will then get banded to a pallet if necessary.

Custom Crating

High value items or fragile cargo will be packaged with custom made crates for added protection during transit. Depending on the specific needs of the cargo items will be protected inside the crate utilizing a wide array of packaging techniques such as, but not limited to: bubble wrap, foam, moisture barriers, cold packs, and blocks and braces.

For international shipments pallets and crates will be made from ISPM 15  certified wood and wood products.

Reusable Crates

Upon request we will build your crates with ramps, hinges and/or locks so you can reuse your valuable crates


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